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Question 1 
Examine the research approach(es) adopted by Lim and Oei (2015) and the underlying philosophical approach taken. Critically appraise and judge the strengths and limitations of the identified approach(es) in relation to the study’s purpose and objectives.

Question 2 
Apply your knowledge of research methodology, and evaluate the sampling method and procedures used by Lim and Oei (2015) by discussing its strengths and limitations in relation to the study’s research purpose and objectives. Also discuss one ethical consideration to the sampling method.

Question 3 
Lim and Oei’s (2015) study concluded that there were gains in reading and spelling standard scores following a one-year intervention using the OG approach. The intervention is intensive, comprising of two one-hour after school session weekly, for up to a total of 80 hours. That being said, an individual’s motivation for continued attendance is likely to have a considerable impact on intervention efficacy.
a) Apply your knowledge of qualitative interviews and propose 4 questions (with one corresponding prompts for each question). These questions will be asked during a semistructured interview that aims to examine factors that influence motivation to attend intervention sessions.
b) USINGAPORE sing ChatGPT, generate 2 questions and critically appraise it using your knowledge of developing a question to be asked in a semi-structured interview.

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