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Address all prompts in a 1-page narrative. Provide an overview of your theme/topic. Also include your goals and objectives. Provide justification for your choice of learning goals and objectives. Elements of your justification should include at least: – significance, challenge, and variety. Describe the types and levels of your learning goals and objectives. Types of objectives might include psychomotor, affective, and cognitive domains of learning. Levels of objectives could include Bloom’s taxonomy and/or Depth of Knowledge. – clarity. Each objective should clearly specify observable performance that indicates learning outcome and criteria. – appropriateness for students. Discuss why your learning goals and objectives are appropriate in terms of development, pre-requisite knowledge and skills, and other student needs. Link your learning goals and objectives to the contextual factors associated with high-grades students. – Show how the goals and objectives are aligned with local, state, or national standards. Identify the source of the standards, standard number, and text. Your objectives should be aligned with both the content standard (e.g. GSE) and the level of the objectives. See standards:



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