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Processed, low-fat foods are typically low in calories. True or False


Answer: – Processed, low-fat foods are typically low in calories. False. Foods that are labeled fat-free, condensed fat, low-fat or sugar-free do not equate with calorie-free — and they frequently contain flavors like salt, sugar and chemical fillers that make them less-than-healthy. Kari Koori, dietitian at Houston Methodist, says reduced-fat products frequently comprise almost the same number of calories per serving as full-fat versions. Plus, reduced-fat foods have a professed healthy image, and education has revealed that people are inclined to eat twice as much or more of these foods.

Koori likewise endorses evading trans fats as much as possible, as this kind of fat promotes irritation in the body. Products that contain incompletely hydrogenated oil in the ingredients list have trans-fat. Foods that comprise fat logically, such as multiple-item roots or meals with added fats, are more elevated in calories than are their thinner or lower-fat counterparts.



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