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Prepare a case study report as described. Review the Guide to Case Study Submiss

Prepare a case study report as described. Review the Guide to Case Study Submissions document. Prepare a case study report as described. Expected format: Guide to Case Study Submissions Expected length: 1000-1500 words Guiding Questions and additional information: As Neil Bennett, the Warehouse Manager for Penner at their Rockford site, what is your analysis of the delivery problems from Stinson? What recommendations you would make to Ken McCallum, General Manager of Penner, to resolve the issues and why. Prepare a case report as per the Guide to Case Study Submissions that outlines the delivery problems with Stinsonas that have occurred. Draw on as many of the concepts discussed in chapter 9 and the course in general that are applicable to the problem when writing the report Regarding the Guide to Case Study Submissions, DO NOT try and out-guess or reformulate the case format. The instructor will be grading based on this criteria. The headings and expectations for each section are designed for you to demonstrate an appreciation for the issue(s), analyze the available data, suggest what criteria must be met for a successful resolution, suggest a couple courses of alternative actions, recommend one action and finally, describe its implementation. Remember to spend your word count (1000-1500 words) accordingly. For example, if you use 400 words in the Defining the Issues section, worth only 3 of the total case mark of 25, you will not leave yourself enough word count to effectively address the other, more heavily weighted sections like Analyzing Case Data (10 out of 25) and Alternative Analysis and Evaluation (7 out of 25).


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