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Politics and administration

Why did Wilson distinguish between “politics” and “administration” as important terms

Why did Wilson distinguish between “politics” and “administration” as important terms for creating public administration? In your opinion, is such a “politics-administration di-chotomy” practical and workable? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using such a dichotomy today as a way to advance this field of study?

What are the formal elements of Weber’s model of bureaucracy? Based on your reading of the case or your own experiences with  id Weber fail to mention any important attributes of bureaucracy in his description?

What were the chief elements from John’s Gaus’s administrative ecology that Robertson drew on to run the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services? Explain why these elements were critical to achieving his goals?

On the basis of Long’s essay and your analysis of the case study, can you generalize about the most significant problems facing public administrators today in relating politics and administration?

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