Please respond to my classmate’s discussion post 1. ADEI practice in social work

Please respond to my classmate’s discussion post
1. ADEI practice in social work is very important. It is how we learn about our position, power, and privilege’s in society, and how we can break down the oppressive and racist systems that impact diverse populations. It gives social workers the skills to carry out anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices. A very important part of this is recognizing the intersecting roles that a person might identify with and how this impacts their lives and experiences. Social workers should uncover their implicit and explicit biases to best learn and serve the diverse populations they will be working with. One example that I can think of is taking the time to learn about a clients culture that differs from yours so that you can better understand how their culture and experiences have affected their life and their life outcomes. 
2. Social workers can frame the comprehensive federal immigration law to gain lawmakers support on both sides . It is important for them to know that these people are just victims of circumstance. They can’t help where they were born or how they got here- they grew up in the US and consider it their home just as much as those who were born here. They have the opportunity to get an education here, the same as naturally born US citizens. If they have never been to their country of origin, or only resided there in their very early years, it would be unfair to send them back when this way of life is pretty much all they know. Some of them may not even speak their origin countries language, at least not fluently. Just as people born in the US have dreams and goals to live a good life, so do they, and we should not prevent them from trying to change the outcome of their lives for the better.