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*Instructions: 3 one-sided pages. Use normal margins and 12 point Times New Roman font. Use memo format (headings and subheadings)
Assignment Instructions
Please read the Strategic Planning in Lesedi District, South Africa case study and complete an individual memo as per the instructions below.
Mr. Nkosi has hired you as a consultant. He has asked you to write a memo to advise him on the core problems with the strategic planning process in the district and specific steps to improve the process.
Please submit as a word document and name your submission in the following format:
Here are some additional instructions for the memo:
General: Memo purpose and requirements
An analysis memo is a short document designed to communicate essential information about an issue to a busy decision-maker. The purpose of this memo is to provide an opportunity for you to develop skills in assessing an organizational situation and providing support for a particular course of recommended action. Your memo should include a brief overview of the problems, an in-depth analysis of why these problems exist, and recommended solutions to address these problems.
Please use simple and direct style and include a summary paragraph at the beginning of the memo. List references on a separate concluding page (the references will not count toward the page limit)
Formatting requirements: 3 one-sided pages. Use normal margins and 12 point Times New Roman font. Use memo format (headings and subheadings)
Substantive requirements: . The case has multiple issues that can be addressed across the weeks’ topics. I recommend that you narrow in on 2-3 problems and analyze these problems in depth, rather than providing a broad list of many issues.
Grading Rubric:
Summary (one paragraph summary of your main points and recommendations)
Background/Diagnosis (explain why the problem(s) occurred. Identify causes rather than list symptoms)
Recommendations/Analysis (what actions do you suggest should be taken to address the problem? Use logic and arguments based on the readings to support your recommended course of action)
Conclusion (end your memo + some tips for implementation)
Format: clear, well-organized; use of paragraph headings; memo format; follows formatting guidelines from syllabus
Writing: grammar, punctuation, spelling, style



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