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Parker, et al, 2016 (OpenStax)
• Chapter 24: Digestive System Infections, pp. 1056-1082
• Chapter 25: Circulatory and Lymphatic System Infections. pp. 1137-1139
• Chapter 26: Nervous System Infections, pp. 1175-1189
Complete the entire prompt below:
Pick one bacterial, a viral, and eukaryotic pathogen of the Digestive, Circulatory, or lymphatic or nervous system. You should pick one different organism in each category for any of the three systems (a total of three pathogens) and discuss:
• Disease caused
• Virulence factors • Mode of transmission
Always refer back to the course syllabus, discussion forum grading rubric, before posting to the discussion. Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the assigned readings and lecture material, as well as any other relevant research you find appropriate.
Post your response to the questions above, making sure to include any necessary citations to appropriate readings. Make sure to provide some examples from the text and lecture material (located in the Unit folders), as well as from your own experiences. This is a post first forum. You will not see your classmate’s posts until you make your initial post.



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