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Pick one (1) work of art and write a contextual analysis of the object. This con

Pick one (1) work of art and write a contextual analysis of the object. This contextual analysis will provide evidence in support of your thesis regarding the meaning of the artwork.
Focus on the religious, historical/social, and biographical context of the artwork. Since this will be including the visual elements and the artwork′s subject and meaning, outside sources as evidence will be necessary. Please include at least two (2) sources outside of the textbook and image citation.

You may use any of the works of art from your previous assessments.

This should be a minimum of 3 pages (no more than 5). A properly labelled image of your chosen artwork must be included (this is not part of the 3 pages). This should come before the Work Cited page.

This is to be turned in on Blackboard. I will not accept the paper turned in by email. Submit a .doc or .docx file only, any other file will not be accepted and will receive a 0.

Note: You may not use The Swing by Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Do not use the same artwork as you used for Building Contextual Analysis Discussion Board.

Due: 3rd May, 11:59pm
Late Papers will not be accepted after the 5th of May. All late papers will follow the Late Work Policy laid out in the syllabus.

Paper & Writing Requirements:
12-point Font
Times New Roman
Double Spaced
1-inch Margins
3 Pages Minimum
Correctly formatted Work Cited
Properly labelled Image.
Citations/Work Cited Requirements:
Minimum of Two (2) Sources (outside the textbook and image citation)
Must be in MLA style.
All information must be cited with an in-text citation in accordance with MLA format.
You must a correctly formatted Work Cited.
Cite the location of where the image of the art was obtained
***If you do not meet the Paper or Citation Requirement standards, 10 points will be deducted from overall essay grade.
Writing Specifics:
Make sure you have a clear thesis/topic sentence.
All content must relate to and support your thesis
Have a mode of organization
Have clear transitions between talking points
Try to have a variety of cited information: quotes, critics, scholarly analysis, and comparison
Make sure conclusion summarizes your argument and content


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