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Physicians only or midlevels

Are the use of mid-levels (nurse practitioners and physician assistants) beneficial within a Physician based clinical practice? Purpose of the paper is defend the benefits of moving into a clinical practice that incorporates mid-levels vs having a Physician only based clinical practice model.
More details about the specific scope for Florida Nurse Practitioners (NP)?
Compare what Physicians are able to do directly to what Nurse practitioners are able to clinically do to show that the Nurse Practitioners are beneficial to add to a practice since they can do just about as much as the Physician (****NP opposition – pass in house but not senate – full practice auth (specific to Florida Sent. Ron DeSantis***)
Do the same analysis for Physician Assistants (PA) in the state of Florida
Discuss Balanced budget act (in relation to NPs)
Discuss cost effectiveness of employing NPs and PAs in a Practice (example: in relation to payroll it is cheaper to hire a NP or PA than a full-time staff Physician)
Discuss reimbursement on services billed under a physicians vs NPs (is it still worth it if midlevels get less reimbursement than phys?)
Analyze how and why the number of general Physicians are in general facing a shortage
Analyze the average (current and projected numbers) of clinicians (both NP, PA, and docs) finishing school
Compare and contrast Physician run groups organized as employment model vs ones structured like a corporation that employs clinicians, vs. traditional partnership



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