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Personal Statement on Trauma-informed Schools and ABA & Consultation Statement Revisions


(1) Personal Statement on Trauma-Informed Schools
Create a 2 page personalized brief about Trauma and ABA. Include a definition of trauma, how trauma can impact behavior, and specifically outline your view on trauma-informed behavior plans. This should reflect a personal statement that shows your adherence to the science of ABA while simultaneously identifying and validating that trauma does impact behavior. The art of implementing a Behavior Support Plan for a student with a known trauma is a pivotal skill.
• Include and cite (2) two research articles to support the application of evidence-based interventions with students with Trauma
• Attempt to align your research with your pathway: A-individualized research on specific student outcomes; B/C – class or school-wide research on group or systemic outcomes
(2) Consultation Statement Revisions
Revisit your personal consultation statement. Think about this as how you may present yourself to others/administrators in a district if you were to be asked to consult.
Based on readings and research thus far (evidence-based practices, consultation style, MTSS, etc.) make adjustments and/or add to any of the components (be sure it aligns w/ your chosen path). It is expected that this will evolve throughout the course and it will as you continue to practice.
Highlight the areas of change that you made since the first presentation and, at the bottom of your statement, include a brief (1-2 paragraph) rationale for the changes. Walk me through your thought process, why the changes are more reflective of your practice style, and cite readings or course experiences that have influenced your change.

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