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Read through the following information to understand and meet the requirements of this
Part 1: Health promotion brochure (300 words)
To construct your health promotion brochure, select one (1) of the following topics to focus on:
Topic 1: Promoting attachment between a mother and baby in the first two years of the baby’s
Topic 2: Assisting children in middle childhood to navigate non-normative family events
Topic 3: Minimising harm if adolescents engage in risk-taking activities.
Once you have selected your topic, design and construct a brochure to promote good health at that
particular stage of the lifespan. Use your knowledge and understanding to develop information and
advice to feature in your brochure, and offer links to evidence-based resources that could further
support your target group.
Your brochure should also include:
an explanation of why your chosen topic is important at this stage of the lifespan
an overview of three (3) normative events that occur during this stage of the lifespan
an overview of one (1) non-normative event that may compromise health outcomes
an explanation of the role of nurses and midwives in proving person-centred care, to assist
individuals to maintain their health and wellbeing at this stage of the lifespan.
Note: Your brochure should be visually attractive and relevant to your audience. You may include
images and other design elements to enhance the ‘look and feel’ and increase your audience’s
engagement with the information.
Part 2: Short answer questions (200 words)
Once you have designed and constructed your health promotion brochure, answer the following
Please use this Template:
Assessment 2 Person Centre Care Template.docx
Topic introduction:
Why is this topic an important one for health promotion?
How could the information in your brochure produce better health outcomes?
What are the possible risks associated with not following the advice?
Who is the audience for this brochure?
Why it is important to consider the audience when designing a health promotion piece such as
this one?
How will your brochure cater for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people from
culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds? Consider language and opportunities
for partnership or referral to community organisations.
How will the brochure be disseminated?
How could you, as a nurse or midwife, use the brochure in your own practice?
Note: Although references are not required within the brochure, you are required to provide in-text
references when answering the short answer questions and a reference list at the end of your
assignment. All references must be current (published within the last five years) and from a reliable
source such as a peer-reviewed journal, government or recognised nursing and midwifery website.
The reference list is not included in the word count



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