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Outline: APA suggests the use of outlines for academic writing, and I enthusiast

APA suggests the use of outlines for academic writing, and I enthusiastically agree. Writing an outline is like creating a roadmap, and while unguided road trips can be fun and adventurous, they are not efficient or easily replicable, like these papers ought to be. On this PSY 400 road trip, we want to know where every gas station is, where every intersection is, and the best exits for road food. Most of all, we want to know where it is that we’re going – So, we’re using a map. (Ok – I’m done with this metaphor now). Your outline should detail your discussion points throughout your paper, give special attention to the intersection of your ideas, and be detailed enough to help shape the flow of your paper. In order to complete the outline appropriately, you must do A LOT of reading. Find the article connections in the ways I’ve taught you, read various papers, and start piecing them together here. See attached outline example. Your outlines MUST be formatted in this way. A note: I do not expect you to have every bullet point of every section of the attached example filled in for your outline. Get to work, map as much as you can, and prioritize strategic organization. This means that you should know what every single variable you’re going to look at is, but you don’t need to know what every author says about every single variable for this assignment. You should also know what your hypothesis is, but you don’t need to spend any time actually writing your introduction. For many of the sections on this outline, a 2-3 sentence plan will work for you for this assignment. However, you will need to show that you have read, that you know where you’re going, and that you have an idea how to get there. Contact me for help! 🙂 A second note: If you ask me questions I have clearly answered in this video, I will refer you to the video instead of answering your question. Please just watch the whole thing. It will save you and I both some time if you do. No late work will be accepted for credit, but I will help you as we go, no matter what. You got this. PSY 400 outline example.docx


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