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OUTLINE for the A Long Walk to Water PowerPoint Project

(An outline contains the major ideas of your PPT Project. It is a starting point and a map for what you plan to create. An outline is not concrete; you will probably make edits to your original idea once you draft the final version of your PPT Project.)

First, read the directions for the A Long Walk to Water PowerPoint Project. Once you have reviewed the directions and understand the specifics required on each slide, begin this Outline.

Second, review your Outline guide below. Use the format provided and complete the highlighted areas. While you are not required to include your images on this outline, you are welcome to do so at this stage.

Upload your Outline to the submission link in Canvas.
Upload it as a Word document OR as a PowerPoint. Either format is fine for this assignment.

*Your sentences should be grammatically correct and contain no errors. Proofread your sentences before this submission. You could have a tutor review your sentences or use ChatGPT to proofread your sentences before your submission.*




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