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Outline – Critique of a Legal Case Analyzing the Forensic Science (10%) The outline is a 2-page maximum, double spaced word document. It should include a summary of the case, forensic science of interest (the one you are going to analyze), organization of your final paper, sources as well as the legal citation of case. This is due June 2nd at the beginning of class. Outlines need to be approved with a passing grade. Final Research Paper – Critique of a Legal Case Analyzing the Science (25%) The paper will be a 10 to 12-paper critical analysis on your chosen forensic science from a legal case. Your discussion will include information provided in the outline, the expertise required for the “science”, a description of the “science”, strengths and weaknesses of the “science”, future of the “science”, and an in-depth analysis of how the science was used in the case. More details will be provided in the lecture and on Blackboard.



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