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Option One Word Associations Methods: 1. Conduct a word association experiment w

Option One Word Associations Methods: 1. Conduct a word association experiment with 30 young adult (18-30 years old) to investigate how words are connected in their lexicons. ( if you work in pairs, 60 subjects are needed) 2. Devise a list of 15 words (prime) (5 nouns , 5 verbs, and 5 adjectives). Make sure that each word has no connection with the one before or after. The words are quite frequently used. 3. Read aloud the words to the subjects one by one, and ask them to say the first word that comes to their mind. 4. List the words that your subjects have given. 5. Draw a semantic network for each prime and the words provided by the subjects 6. Identify the relationships of each prime and subjects’ words provided, and find out which relationships are most frequent, which are less frequent, and which are least frequent, and explain why. 7. Make a list of words provided by subjects which have non-semantic relationships (i.e. similar pronounciation) with the primes. 8. Use the primes and the words given by the subjects ( and proposed by you) to create TWO word games for vocabulary learning and fun. Give a detailed description to each game. The games need to be attached to the report. Length: about 1500 words (individual work) OR about 2500 words (in pairs) (Use Double spacing, 12 fonts ,New Times Roman) Option One Title: Word association and word games Include the following headings in your written project: 1. Introduction 2. Aims of the experiment 3. Methods of the experiment 4. Results and discussion of the experiment 5. Creation of word games 6. Conclusion References (if any) Appendix (put the responses given by each subject in the Appendix)


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