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One literature review paper (1200 to 1800 words but no removal of credit for goi

One literature review paper (1200 to 1800 words but no removal of credit for going over the maximum) on a topic relevant to African American psychology will be submitted. The papers should be typed, double-spaced, APA formatted, and saved as a Microsoft Word document. The paper should include a title page and a reference page, in addition to the 1850 to 2000 words of written text. The title page and reference (works cited) page do not count in your word count. DO NOT just cut-and-paste from the articles. This should include some text in your own words. At least 5 references should come from peer reviewed journal articles or edited book chapters and references should be cited using APA format. Breakdown of points: 40 points: A research paper reviewing five articles on a topic specific to African American psychology that adds to the topic, providing insight into the topic and written in your own words. (You are able to use some quotes from your sources, but no more than a couple of sentences.) 25 points: Use of appropriate references (journal articles, textbooks, professional magazines, scholarly articles) – PLEASE DO NOT JUST GOOGLE THE TOPIC AND USE RANDOM WEBSITES AS REFERENCES. Your sources should be journal articles, scholarly articles, textbooks, or professional magazines. 20 points: Demonstration of strong writing skills including organization, use of appropriate grammar, spelling, APA formatting, etc.


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