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One is One Too Many

One is One Too Many

This is about learning and reflecting on the College of Nurses
the video entitled “One is One Too Many” and how to engage in reflective
practice as outlined in the CNO quality assurance program.

Kindly watch the video series and go to the CNO website where the video is split into six brief sessions (for streaming).
It will take about 20 minutes to watch all sections. Watch each
section: introduction, neglect, financial abuse, verbal abuse, sexual
abuse and the conclusion.

video ref:

Reflect: Consider the videos regarding what was presented, how they
made you feel, what you thought of the nurses involved, and how the

video will impact nursing professional practice. Jot down your reflective thoughts on a piece of paper that you can set aside and review a few hours later because the reflective can be written in as I viewed.

Using the “LEARN” format and notes on reflections
from watching the video, look back on what you have seen, learned from
professional standards, professionalism and how it will impact your practice
as a team member and as an individual nurse caring for clients. You will
need to make general statements about the entire series, but you may focus
on one or two areas for the body of your reflective thinking.
Seek out further learning from professional journals (minimum of three) on
the area you are reflecting upon, and explain how the reference supports
your learning.

For example, your journal supports may cite information on
the impact of abuse, financial abuse, and/or neglect. Also, you should cite
CNO references (e.g., Nurse-Client Therapeutic Relationship Practice
Standard, Ethics Practice Standard, and other CNO supportive documents). Please cite the video.

Document should be written in the reflective process as a professional paper (not in bullet points
or point form, but in a written, descriptive format). Example for “L” (looking
back) … As I look back on the part of the video where the man was calling for
help, I could not help but feel…. Johnson (2012) discussed client abuse and
explained…. (This would show a connection to some reference you look at).
For “E” (elaborate), you might write ….In the video, I noted the nurse’s
behaviour to be….and the patient’s response was… My thoughts were….
Analyze your reactions to determine your strengths and weaknesses (areas
for development) concerning the prevention of client abuse. Please use the
LEARN process (CNO, 1996) to identify how new learning will be
integrated into your practice.

Please use a scholarly, peer-reviewed article or report found in a professional, practice or theory-based journal.

In text citation

Cite references on the process of reflection and how it relates to practice in your work.

Kindly , conclude the paper with a discussion of the relevance of nursing
practice, specifically to your practice, to client abuse as a professional issue
or some relevant conclusion of your own choice as developed from your
reflection and learning. A personal element should be the final result of
reflective learning.



Thank you.

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