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 oncology patients with fatigue and signs of negative mental health

 oncology patients with fatigue and signs of negative mental health

READ- In this case, I assume that I am a nurse practitioner in the oncology department or specialty, and I have noticed that most of the patients in the cancer ward are bored, exhausted, and seem to have low morale. The majority seem worried, melancholic, depressed, withdrawn, or anxious. Some have expressed statements that suggest they feel worthless or are a burden to their family, especially after chemotherapy dosages and radiations. Therefore, I embarked on an endeavor to mitigate the noticed fatigued and negative mental health through music and meditation therapy. The picot question is:

In oncology patients with fatigue and signs of negative mental health (P), what is the effect of music and meditation therapy (I), compared with normal care (C), on quality of life (O) within three months (T)?

Compared to regular care, music and meditation therapy improves patients’ quality of life. Köhler et al. (2020) explain that music therapy can enhance relevant health outcomes in cancer patients and should be offered in multiple treatment phases. Their study on the effects of music therapy in the psychosocial treatment of adult cancer patients found that health outcomes and quality of life were better for patients undergoing music therapy in addition to normal care. Meditation therapy also positively affects cancer patients’ QoL. Lima et al. (2020) also note that music therapy enhances the quality of life, depression, and anxiety of cancer patients. According to Chang et al. (2018), meditation is an effective mind-body intervention for cancer patients to improve their quality of life. The study also highlights that the benefits can persist over a three-month follow-up period. It is, therefore, an effective method that can be used to enhance the quality of life of cancer patients. Therefore, I would recommend to my peers to adopt music and meditation therapy in addition to regular care to improve the quality of life of patients

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