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occupational Therapy assistant

Objective: Bring awareness of current issues that occupational therapy may encounter with various groups and
populations. The students will work together to advocate for our profession’s role in health promotion and
1. Students will work within their groups.
2. Each group is to research issues/problems that impact any group or population.
a. They need to find at least 3 pieces of evidence to support their reasoning for addressing the
identified need to promote improved health and wellness. This should include relevant collection of
data, statistics, and/or journal articles.

b. At least 1 piece of evidence needs to be a journal article from a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal.

3. Each group is to design a health promotion or wellness campaign that addresses one of the identified
issues/problems found from their research. Each campaign should include:
1. A slogan
2. Create a marketing tool to advertise and promote the Health & Wellness Plan. This can be either an
Informatic handout or a tri-fold pamphlet.

a. Introduce the campaign (B.7.3)
 Explain how your research outcomes guided your campaign
 Explain how sociocultural, socioeconomic, and diversity factors, as well as lifestyle choices
affects the population (B.1.2; B.1.3)
b. Explain the role and responsibility of the OT practitioner
 to advocate for changes in service delivery (B.5.2)
 how the outcomes of your research can be used as an opportunity to expand the role of the
OTA (B.5.2)
c. List frequently asked questions about the issue and/or campaign to include risk factors or benefits
d. Provide some statistical data to support your campaign and link how balancing occupations support
performance, participation, health, and well-being (B.3.3; B.3.4)

Each group will present a verbal presentation regarding their health promotion or wellness campaign
prior to showing the audience their video. (B.4.23.; B.4.25.)

4. A video (i.e., commercial) introducing the campaign, including elements from A-F listed above (B.4.23.)



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