Objectives This assignment will give you the opportunity to apply the concepts a

This assignment will give you the opportunity to apply the concepts and theories learned in the modules related to the epideictic, deliberative, and forensic modules. 
Identify, explain, and justify the discovery of epideictic categorized message content.
Analyze messages for epideictic, deliberative, and forensic elements.
Illustrate the ability to emphasize the differences between epideictic, deliberative, and any possible forensic elements.
Because epideictic messaging and rhetoric are often identified as “not” deliberative or forensic, rather than clearly defined as “epideictic”, the goal of this exercise is to ensure that you have the ability to differentiate between these categories of rhetoric and recognize messages that are primarily epideictic in nature. 
Your task in this assignment is to review the definitions of epideictic, deliberative, and forensic as outlined in this module and conduct an analysis of a message to determine how and why it is an epideictic message. Then write your analysis using the following steps. 
Step 1: Find an example of “breaking news” in the local community or regional area. Avoid outright opinion pieces as they are usually deliberative in orientation. Also avoid national and international news. The “breaking news” should be informational about a local person, place, event, issue, or topic of local/regional interest.
Step 2: Examine (inspect in detail) the message with the intention of categorizing and labeling the information within the message as epideictic, deliberative, or possibly forensic. (Many of these may not have forensic elements, though data listings are forensic.)
Step 3: Determine which of the elements categorized in step 1 illustrate why this message is epideictic. Write a one-sentence argumentative claim illustrating why you believe the message to be epideictic in nature. 
Step 4: Explain and justify your conclusions.
Step 5: Write up your analysis, ensuring all three steps above are clearly outlined. Your analysis should be 4-5 paragraphs in length, with APA citations and references. 
Step 6: Post your analysis into this discussion board.