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Objective: Deliberate the effects that inappropriate behavior amongst law enforcement officers has on our society.

Police agencies must work consistently to promote only the highest ethical behavior on the part of all officers. Officers would do well to perform their duties with a servant’s heart.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 8 slides that you would use to teach an introduction to law enforcement ethics or police professionalism class (you decide which topic) to recruits.Include the following:Describe what appropriate behavior looks like and discuss how inappropriate police behavior impacts society and the profession.Include at least one case where unethical or unprofessional behavior occurred in a police agency. Your recruits should have a firm fundamental understanding of the topic when done.You will need a cover slide and reference slides which will not count toward the required slides.Consider using the note section as well and visual aids on the slides

All written assignments should be formatted using APA 6th Edition. For the APA 6th Edition Template, click the Student Toolkit in the top navigation bar and view the APA:



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