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Assessment Brief

School of Nursing and Midwifery


NUR3605 – Leadership, Governance and Culture

Ass. Item #
Assessment Type

As stated in CAPS

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Assessment Description

As stated in CAPS

Word count


10% = 300-350 words


10% = 500 words

1750 words


Due date and submission information
Submit via CANVAS in Turnitin by 4pm, September 4th 2023. Please ensure that you have read and understood the ‘before you submit an assignment’ information attached to this assignment brief.


Why am I doing this assessment?

This assignment will help you to understand and demonstrate the following unit learning outcomes (ULO):

Critique best practice principles for governance in the clinical environment.
Explain the roles of nurses and other health professionals in implementing quality improvement methodologies.
Examine how the National Safety and Quality Health Service standards govern clinical practice.


By completing these ULOs, you are demonstrating that you are working towards the following course learning outcomes (CLOs) and therefore, the related professional standards:

CLO2: Critically analyse, interpret, and conceptualise complex nursing practice.
CLO4: Access, evaluate and synthesise relevant information from multiple sources using digital technologies to inform nursing practice.
CLO5: Independently communicate nursing knowledge, concepts and values clearly and coherently.

The following course learning outcome/s will also be consolidated in this unit:

CLO6: Demonstrate a global outlook with respect for cultural diversity, including Indigenous cultural competence.
CLO8: Demonstrate autonomy, accountability and judgement for own learning and professional nursing practice in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia standards for practice.

Employability skills addressed

Select all that apply


Reflective practice

Decision making

Critical thinking

Problem solving


Digital literacy

Conflict resolution

Time management


Cultural competency


Creativity and Innovation




Professional identity


Interpersonal skills

Interprofessional coordination

Emotional intelligence

Cross-cultural awareness






Career decision making

Opportunity awareness

Transition learning

Career planning

Specialist skills (course specific)


Assessment Task Instructions

The assessment instructions have been designed to enable you to understand what is required to succeed in this assignment.

The aim of this Assignment is to show your understanding of the process by which sentinel events are reviewed and learning occurs – making way for improvements in the future. The process of completing this assignment will consolidate your understanding of quality improvement methodology.

Step 1: Read the attached From Death We Learn – Opioid toxicity. Note that this is an incomplete replication of the original as we want you to come up with your own ideas and actions.
Step 2: Use a systematic approach to review the case and identify possible causes of the event. Determine two main themes or situational factors that you wish to address in the following steps. In the appendix show the systematic approach you took to review the case and the findings you made.

 In your discussion of this event, you are NOT required to make professional or clinical care recommendations in regard to the actions of the nurses/health care workers involved.

Step 3: Based on your findings in step two, review relevant literature to determine what should have occurred in this scenario, noting if there were gaps in practice or deviations from best practice guidelines in relation to the two areas you wish to focus improvements on.
Step 4: Discuss the case in relation to what you have found in step 3
Step 5: Using a quality methodological approach recommend two actions, supported by literature that could be implemented for a change in practice to circumvent such events recuring.


Format and Structure

This is a formal report, and you must follow the guidelines provided below and those in the tutorials and Canvas site:


Title Page ​
Executive summary/abstract (max 200 words- non-structured, must be a summary of the entire report, not a replication of the introduction) ​
Table of contents​ ​
Introduction (Approx 150 words)​
Background – relevant review of literature for best practice (Approx 300 words)​
Discussion – relate the case to the findings in the literature, policies and best practice documents  (Approx 600 words)​
Recommendations for two changes in practice (Approx 300 words)​
Conclusions (Approx 200 words)
References ​(APA7th)


For general formatting, please follow the SNM assessment guide

What you should include

Please refer to the report writing ppt in Canvas


Connecting your learning

Assessment tasks in this course are designed to give you opportunities to integrate what you learn into or from other units.

Marking rubric

The marking rubric has been attached to the assessment in Canvas.


Feedback and moderation

Your results and feedback will be released in 15 working days from submission via Turnitin.

All unit assessments are subject to a robust moderation process. Note that results are not final until they are officially released at the end of semester following ratification at the progression panel and are therefore subject to change.

Additional Resources


Library Referencing Guide
Academic Integrity





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