No citations needed.  In life, you will have many opportunities to share “your s

No citations needed. 
In life,
you will have many opportunities to share “your story” at job interviews, in grad school applications, or
during general conversations with family and friends. People will be curious about how your background has
shaped you, about your strengths/weaknesses, and about your goals. The final essay should facilitate those
discussions. Reflect on your educational experiences, major, work experience and current life/career goals.
Describe how you will use what you have learned this semester about yourself, your major, and your career
goals. Include information about what you learned from the petal exercises and any other sources (do not just
cut and paste your essays into the integrative; reflect on what you’ve learned overall and incorporate those
lessons learned into your essay). Essay should be single-spaced. Address these questions in your essay: Integrate information from the essays that you have submitted throughout the semester – what did you
learn from each of the “petals” essays and other assignments about your knowledge, skills, mission and
purpose, salary goals, etc. etc. and how can you integrate this information into your job search strategies
and your remaining time at Clemson?
o Why did you choose to major in sociology or criminal justice? How will this major help you to
accomplish your career goals?
o What strengths and assets do you bring to your job search, your career, your community, and the world in
general? Integrate information from the writing assignments that you have completed this semester. What limitations or weaknesses do you feel you have? How do you plan to address them? (Read Bolles,
Chapter 10, “How to Deal With Any Challenges You Have” for additional guidance on this topic.)
o Describe your current career plans. How have they changed over the course of your college career and
during this semester? If you do not have a career focus at this point, elaborate on possible options. Now that the course is over, how would you respond to someone who asks you “What can you do with
your sociology degree?” Has your answer changed since the beginning of the semester?
Petal assignments attached below
Personal Information: My major is sociology and some of my life and carrer goals would be to play in the NFL (current football player at university) as well as working as a luxrury realtor. During spring break last year I went on a bussiness week trip with PAW Journey where we shadowed  12 companies, all which were in different fields and the ones I gravitated to the most were: the luxrury real estate and with the Di Prizito Group and sports anchoring with Spectrum tv company. During the past year, I interviewed with the Di Prizito real estate group and I used some of the skills learned during this class in the interview. By using these skills, I left a lasting impression on the interviewer, resulting in them selecting me for the internship. I will be starting this internship next week in Beverly Hills, working with the luxury real estate group.