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Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Essay

Your paper will be a 3-5 page essay in complete sentences and in paragraphs using proper grammar, spelling, etc.

– It should be typed in 11 or 12-point font, 1.5 spaced, 1-inch margins.

– Write in paragraph form.

– All of this essay needs to be written in your own words.

– Do not quote directly from any text or website.

– You will be expected to cite at least 3 sources.

#Describe your microbe:

– What is the microbes name? (Mycobacterium tuberculosis)

– Is it a virus, bacteria, fungus or protozoa? (Bacteria) – Reason for choosing: I choose this because my favorite childhood anime character, Alfred, from “Romeo no Aoi Sora” died because of TB which is a disease caused by this microbe.

– History of your microbe?

– Is it historically or currently associated with pandemics?

– Is a famous scientist involved in the discovery/research of your microbe?

– What is the structure of your microbe?

– What type of genome (DNA or RNA, single or double stranded) does it have?

– What type of exterior or cell membrane/wall or envelope does your microbe possess?

– Does your microbe synthesize, excrete or possess any unique proteins or lipids as virulence factors?

– Is your microbe able to move? If so, how does it do that?

– Does your microbe have any ‘protective’ features (ie endospore formation, going latent) that protect it from a harsh environment?

– Where is your microbe found in nature?

– Does your microbe have a unique environmental niche? Endospore? Biofilm?

– What type of environment does your microbe live in?

– How does your microbe cause disease?

– Identify who gets the disease.

– Where geographically are the most cases of disease for your microbe? (Good sources for this are and

– Incidence in the US?

– Incidence in the world?

– What is the mode of transmission for your microbe?

– Is there a vaccine for your microbe? If so, describe the vaccine type, who gets the vaccine and how often.

– If there is NOT a vaccine for your microbe, discuss why not?

– What types of medications are available and effective against your microbe?



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