Module 1 & 2 Workbook: Understanding Key Concepts in Organizational Behavior

Worth: 30% Length: Refer to template suggested word count for each question (1,500 words +/- 10% for the entire Workbook) Your workbook includes discussion questions and activities for you to apply the concepts from the readings and e-lectures from Module 1 & 2. These activities are for you to show your understanding of the key concepts in each module as your learning advances across the first half of the study period. The discussion questions will ask you to describe or apply a unit concept covered in the modules. You are expected to refer to the essential readings from the modules in your response – therefore your submission should clearly demonstrate an application of the ideas in the readings to the concepts in the activity. Completing the activities by the end of each module allows the learnings to sink in and further reflection to occur between modules as you build your understanding over the study period. While this form of writing is different to traditional essay or report writing you are still expected to write in full sentences, use a paragraph structure, and include citations. You should write in third person unless otherwise instructed. Please provide a reference list at the end of your workbook, along with in-text citations within the response (when referring to your essential readings and other sources). Complete your workbook using the template provided and submit your responses to the Turnitin submission point below for plagiarism checking.

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