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Question 1

MoneyMax, a pawnshop, has approached you to help them segment their customers. With evidence from the case article, propose two (2) potential bases of segmentation that pawnshops in Singapore can use to segment their customers and explain why.

Question 2

Using the first three (3) stages of the consumer decision-making process (i.e., need recognition, pre-purchase information search, and evaluation of alternatives), demonstrates how a potential consumer might arrive at considering purchasing luxury bags at a pawnshop.

Question 3

With your knowledge of the SuperEgo personality from the Freudian theory, compose a marketing message for MoneyaMax pawnshop.

You are not required to design a visual or to explain the channels of advertisement. You are just required to develop a short message in 1-3 lines for MoneyMax that will appeal to the SuperEgo personality in consumers.



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