MGBBT2ENT Tourism Impacts and Sustainable Development Case Study 2,000 words

Module Code: MGBBT2ENT

Module Title: Tourism Impacts and Sustainable Development

Assignment: Case Study 2,000 words

Module learning outcomes:

LO2: Identify positive and negative impacts of tourism on the environment and critically evaluate the range of techniques available to promote sustainability.
LO3: Critically analyse the business case and range of corporate benefits relating to sustainability management options and performance in the context of tourism.
LO4: Demonstrate appropriate academic writing skills, referencing and good academic practice.


This assignment will encourage students to gain an understanding of the principles of sustainable tourism and the development of the tourism industry.


Students will choose one of the below destinations to analyse for sustainable and ecotourism implications. Discuss different factors which impact on the destination as a result of emerging situations (crises, pandemics, etc..) using different environmental analysis theories and concepts.

These are the four destinations and students should select ONE of them to analyse.

Galapagos Islands
Costa Rica
New Zealand

The submission of a written case study that discusses the tourism environment of a sustainable destination country of your choice, from the list provided, using a wide variety of research materials (2,000 words).

Case Study (2,000 words) – 50%

You are required to produce an case study on “Understanding the sustainable tourism environment and ecotourism concepts at the specific chosen tourism destination” through the use of a variety of research materials.

The case study structure

Table of Contents

Chapter one: Introduction (200 words)

Aims and objectives of this case study.
An overview of the destination and what you are going to cover in your case study.

Chapter two: The nature of your selected destination  – 200 Words

What would be the route plan (including time and cost) from the UK (any cities) to your selected destination?
Introduce any tourism attractions, in general, from your selected destination.

Chapter three: Definition and origins of sustainable tourism  – 400 Words

What is sustainability? And how does it relate to tourism?
Describe the relationship between sustainability and ecotourism.
Discuss the difference between sustainable tourism and mass tourism, with examples.
Explain the triple bottom line and apply it to your selected destination. (Week One)

Chapter four: Challenges to implementing sustainability in tourism  – 400 Words

What are the common challenges when implementing sustainable tourism?
Apply Jafari’s four platforms to your selected destination.

Chapter five: Impact of tourism  – 600 Words

Analyse the positive and negative impacts of sustainable tourism (Social, Economic and Environmental) on your selected destination.
Explore contemporary research on policies and guildlines of your selected destination.

Conclusion – 200 words

Summary of the key findings from the case study
Provide recommendations about how to improve sustainable tourism in your selected destination.

Reference Page.

Minimum of 15 Sources, including journals, books and a variety of academically accepted sources.

Make sure you choose one out of the four destinations for your case study. Students will be marked at zero if other destinations have been chosen.


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