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Mechanical Engineering

Task 1

A member of your engineering team asked if a vertical stretch of an in-service pipe transporting hot pressurized water would be subject to torsion. The pipeline is installed on a platform, a few hundred of meters above the sea. Provide an answer to the query, elaborating on what mechanical loads this vertical pipe may be subject to. Explain how these mechanical loads are developed.

Using a fictional tubular cross-section whose internal radius is half the outside radius, prove that the tubular cross-section is the best geometry to resist torsion.

Choose a commercially available pipe diameter. Analyse, via Finite Elements, a stretch of a pipe whose length is eight times the chosen diameter under an externally applied torque of 1500 kN.m. Use SolidWorks software to create the 2D drawing with the correct dimensions and the 3D for the simulation. Compare the results of the simulation with the analytical calculation.

Task 2

You have to design a pressure vessel. Preliminary measurements of the cylindrical vessel indicate that the normal stresses due to pressure are as shown. The state of plane stress at a point is represented by the element shown in Figure 1. Determine the state of stress at the point on another element oriented 30° clockwise.

Determine the maximum in-plane shear stresses in the pressure vessel

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