Mary Jones is a 75-year-old female, currently residing in Lakeview Nursing Home. Mary was admitted to the nursing home four years ago, following a left sided Cerebral Vascular Accident (stroke).

Assignment Task

You are required to write three reports on the following skills/tasks. In the reports you are required to illustrate good client care practice that you will implement in future practices. In each of the reports you need to illustrate understanding and knowledge of your role in promoting safe practices, client independence and dignity during care interventions.

1. Assisting a client with a meal or feeding a client a meal.

2. Assisting a client with Personal Hygiene (tub-bath, bed bathing or showering).

3. Assisting a client to a commode or assisting with toileting a client or emptying a catheter bag.

Your reports will be assessed on the following:

Efficient preparation for and execution of each taskEffective communication with client(s) during each task Understand the importance of reporting and recording with colleagues Comprehensive understanding and implementation of health and safety requirements

Important Information

Your work must also protect the anonymity of the client and organisation; thus, all names must be changed. This must be stated clearly in your work.


1. Choose one of the case studies profiles below to complete the reports and follow the guidelines provided to complete same. The below case studies are a brief overview of a client and you are free to interpret and expand upon the client history, background if you wish. You can use the same client for all 3 reports if you wish or alternate.

2. Complete the assignment on a service user you have cared for during work placement or family member relative you have cared for in the home, whereby you have been involved in assisting them with personal care and their healthcare needs.


Reports must be written in the first person only.In your reports it is important to emphasise good client care, addressing how client’s privacy, dignity, independence, empathy, respect, and positive self-image of clients will be promoted.• In reports, it is also of significant importance to use the language of the vocation/profession. Avoiding ‘layman’ terms and inappropriate/unprofessional terms.

For final presentation of your work please ensure:

Accuracy of information supplied.Written in correct context as instructed.Quality of Presentation and structure adhered toGrammatical correctness and proper spellingProfessional vocational language is used.


1. Mary Jones is a 75-year-old female, currently residing in Lakeview Nursing Home. Mary was admitted to the nursing home four years ago, following a left sided Cerebral Vascular Accident (stroke). Mary has a supportive family, two daughters and several grandchildren, who frequently visit her on a weekly basis. Mary requires assistances with her activities of daily living, personal hygiene, and dressing, maintaining safe environment, mobility, and elimination needs. The Barthel index shows Mary is of medium dependency.

2. Michael Byrne is a 72-year-old male, with Parkinson disease, who has reduced mobility, type 2 diabetes, and history of falls. Michael is currently being cared for in his own home, with the support of community health care assistants. Michael lives with his wife (Mary) and receives 3 calls a day under the homecare package. Michael uses a wheelchair, and a downstairs room has been modified to a bedroom. Michael requires assistances with personal care and is occasional incontinent of urine and requires incontinent wear. Michael also requires hip protectors due to his history of falls.

3. Joe Clarke is an 80-year-old male and has Alzheimer’s, diagnosed four years ago, he is currently in the moderate stage of the disease and was admitted to Lakeview Nursing Home 6 months ago, as his family were unable to cope. Joe requires full assistances and supervision with daily activities of living and is unaware of the ability to maintain a safe environment for himself. He tends to wander and needs to be re orientated to his surroundings frequently. Joe’s cognitive ability is declining, and he does not recognise his family when they visit.