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Managerial Roles Gap Analysis

What did you learn from completing the Managerial Roles Gap Analysis? • Which of Mintzbcrg’s managerial roles are most important for managing in complex, changing workplace environments? Why? • Which of these managerial roles might you need to develop beyond your current capabilities?
UNIT 2# In Unit 1, your first Individual Assignment was an entry in a Reflective Journal. You read about and discussed the purpose and value of reflection and reflective thinking for leaders. As you progress through your programme, you will find it valuable to continue this process of reflection, formalising your thoughts in a document such as a reflective journal. Part of your Final Project in this module is a Reflective Portfolio, composed of your reflections on your learning and thinking throughout this module. In this Unit, prepare for this element of your Final Project by writing a second Reflective Journal entry. For this unit’s Reflective Journal entry, write 2-3 paragraphs that address the following questions: • What might be the value of strengths-based feedback to you as a leader and manager? • What skills in giving and receiving feedback do you need to develop further? • What aspects of your ability to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment do you need to develop further?
UNIT 3# You already have engaged in significant reflection in this unit by creating and sharing your transformational story and responding to those of others. In this Unit, you will add a third Reflective Journal entry, and submit the journal entries you have created thus far for feedback from your faculty member. To complete your Individual Assignment: For this Reflective Journal entry, reflect on the process of writing and sharing your transformational story, and think ahead to future experiences that may serve as opportunities for further growth. With that in mind, write 2 to 3 paragraphs that address the following questions: • How can a transformational experience influence you as a leader and manager? • What skills can you acquire from a transformational experience or critical incident?


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