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Los Angeles Valley College Biology Endangered Organism Paper

Now that your organism has been approved by me, you are ready to begin your research:

You already found three resources but to continue you should have at least of five.

Write at least two page (double spaced) paper on the organism that you have chosen. At minimum 3 pages and at maximum 5 pages (including references and small image)

Use all the sources you found so far and make sure to cite your sources. Here’s a short video on how to do that:APA citation works

Include the following:

1: Introduction to the endangered organism

2: Background information and why are they considered endangered?


organismOrganism sizePopulation sizeEffect on ecosystemHuman effect on it

4: Ecology

Habitattheir role in the food chainKey adaptations in their environmentEffect on environment if they were to go extinctInvasive species interaction and how those organisms effect your native organismeffect of water supply and climate change on this organism

5: Interesting facts

Future studiesWhat can we as humans do to help remedy this organism and help them be less endangered?If you were a scientist studying this organism in real life what would tests would you like to do? Or what environmental factor would you like to study that effects the population size of your organism.

6: References

You need at least five valid primary references (no news articles), you can use one textbook as a reference if you choose.

7. Post a small image of the organism on the last page.



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