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Question 1
Supply chain visibility of a shipment requires knowledge of its location within a warehouse or terminal, as well as its status during transit. Achieving full visibility involves tracking and tracing the movement of parts, components, or products from the manufacturer to their final destination. At various stages of production, information may be required from the manufacturer, 3PLs, freight forwarders and other stakeholders. The goal of supply chain visibility is to improve and strengthen the supply chain by making relevant data easily accessible to all stakeholders, including customers, shippers and regulatory authorities.

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(a) Show the operational issues which could be resolved after appropriately introducing information technologies to increase supply chain visibility. Practical examples are needed.
(b) Demonstrate in your own words how the functionalities of electronic data interchange (EDI) technologies facilitate the communication of data from diverse sources and integrate data into the supply chain control tower.
(c) Consider your own organisation or one that you are familiar with in the logistics industry (e.g., a manufacturer, supplier, distributor, retailer, 3PL, etc.) that adopts the supply chain control tower in its operations. Describe the background, target customer, as well as core competencies of the organisation in the logistics industry.

Determine how the supply chain control tower can improve the supply chain visibility and operational performance of the selected organisation. Practical examples are needed.
(d) How will you apply what you have learnt about supply chain visibility, which will make you do things differently in the future, into practice (to your study, your work or your life)?
There may be some overlap between some of these dimensions. Therefore, although you could simply have a section for each of the listed dimensions, you may find that some other way to organise your essay will work better. It is your choice.

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