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Learning about deontology and applying this theory to a current example

In this assignment you will be learning about deontology and applying this theory to a current example that you select for analysis. You will also be using your work with GVV so far in this analysis process

In a 3-7 page APA formatted paper excluding diagrams and other visual/oral aids as appropriate, address the following:

Section 1 – Deontology: In this section, you will be delving into this theory from a variety of perspectives. Using the weekly readings and videos and at least two other scholarly sources provide an overview of this theory to include the following;

Definition, individual elements or subsets of the main theory

Contributors to the development of this theory

Historical foundations for this theory, in other words, what societal elements or circumstances caused this theory to be developed?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating this theory into decision-making in the contemporary world?

Using your GVV based values, purpose, and strengths, would this theory be in alignment with your decision making? Why or why not?

Section 2 – Analysis of a current business situation or event

In this section, you will be applying the work you completed in the prior section to a current business situation (current would be within the last 6 months) that is of interest to you from a discrimination and workplace issues perspective. You may use a personal example, select from your own sources or use the many business reporting sources in the university library

Based on your research and any practical experiences you may want to share, discuss the business and societal ramifications of discrimination and workplace issues. Include at least two scholarly sources in addition to the relevant weekly readings/videos

Provide a summary of the business that you have selected for this analysis. Include but not limited to;



Values, Vision, Mission, purpose

Public vs private




Discuss why you selected this company. What was of interest to you?

Overview of discrimination or other workplace issue that that you have identified. Potential items to include;

Details of the workplace issue(s)

Impact on the business which can include hard dollar costs as well as other costs

Did this issue conflict with

With company stated values and purpose?

Cultural Norms?

Your values and purpose (if you were affiliated with this company)?

Identification of possible cause(s) of these issues

Section 3 – Personal Application

If you were tasked with creating an action plan to create changes to company operating processes that would reduce the possibility of this issue reoccurring

Would you use consequentialism as a basis for decision making, advantages and disadvantages? Why or why not?

Would you use deontology as a basis for decision making, advantages and disadvantages? Why or why not?

List your values, purpose and strengths

Discuss how you integrate your values, purpose and strengths into the action plan creation


Use references from:

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2. Review the following videos:

Deontology | Ethics Defined. (2018, December 18). YouTube. Retrieved October 16, 2022, from

McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. (2017d, December 6). Self-Knowledge & Alignment – Giving Voice to Values – Ethics Unwrapped – UT Austin. Ethics Unwrapped.


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