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Leadership in Health and Social Care

Explain the reasons for the inspection system in England, its key drivers, and the legislation underpinning it.
Identify which services are subject to registration and inspection.
Identify key areas of inquiry for inspection.
Explain the grading system used in the inspection.
Evaluate the implications for the organization of each grade that can be awarded.
Identify sources of information and support.
Analyze the role, remit, and responsibilities of the registered manager.
Analyze the role, remit, and responsibilities of the Nominated Individual and who may be appointed to this role.
Analyze the role, remit, and responsibilities of the ‘fit and proper person.
Analyze the role, remit, and responsibilities of Inspectors.
Identify who needs to be aware of or involved in the inspection process.
Describe how to prepare for an inspection.
Explain what is involved during an inspection and the information required.
Evaluate ways to address the outcome and impact of an inspection.
Identify the range of regulatory requirements that apply to adult care services.
Describe the types of information required for each regulatory requirement.
Analyse where different regulatory frameworks may present conflicting requirements and ways to address such conflicts.


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