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Leadership during a recent crisis event

This week, you will use the information from your outside research and your course material to support your findings along with answering the following questions to begin the body of your portfolio project:

1.     Analyze whether the CEO’s knowledge, skills and abilities are either effective of ineffective, explain your answer?

2.     Evaluate and explain if the CEO’s behavior displayed leadership or management during the crisis.

3.     Identify the type of leadership or management style the CEO used, explain your answer?

Be sure your project is in APA format


You are a leadership consultant that has been hired to assess the leadership at ABCD Company.  ABCD Company is a Fortune 500 company whose CEO has faced scrutiny regarding their leadership during a recent crisis event. The Board of Directors at ABCD Company have tasked you with analyzing the CEO’s conduct to determine if their leadership style aligns with the mission of the company.  You will be gathering information on a chosen leader of an organization and present your assessment and potential recommendations to the Board or Directors.


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