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Introduction to the Profession of Nursing

NURS1001: Introduction to the Profession of Nursing
Callaghan and Gosford Semester 1 – 2023
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Answer the following questions:
1. Using
your own words, explain the purpose of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of
Australia’s Code of Conduct for Nurses,
in relation to nursing students (references
are required)
. (300 words)
Question 2 – 4 relate to the following CASE STUDY
Morgan is a first-year nursing student at the University. During the second semester
Morgan commences the first professional experience placement in a local health
facility. Morgan spends the first week of placement assisting in the care of Mrs
Steele. At the conclusion of the shift on Friday, Morgan visits Mrs Steele who states
that she hopes Morgan has a great weekend. Morgan groans as tells Mrs Steele
that they will not be doing much as they have rent due this week and is struggling
financially after doing placement. Mrs Steele reaches into her purse and holds out
a $100 note towards Morgan stating, “consider this a gift for all of your assistance
this week, you have been more helpful than anyone”. Morgan is proud of getting
this recognition and informs Mrs Steele that they cannot take gifts of money from a
patient. Mrs Steele then states, “that’s okay dear, you can take it as a loan and pay
me back next week”. Morgan accepts the loan as it is clearly not a financial gift so
the patient will not be at a loss.
2. Identify and state the most appropriate ‘Domain, Principle and Sub-Principle’ from the
Code of Conduct that is relevant to this situation (reference at the end of the sentence).
(50 words).
3. Define the Sub-Principle
in your own words and why it is important to Morgan’s
, you may include information from the Domain and Principle (reference
required). (300 words)
4. Apply the Principle and Sub-Principle to the facts of the case study. (That is, what
actions did Morgan do that reflected the code of conduct and what actions could breach
the code of conduct). (No reference required) (50 words)
Question 5 relates to the following reading and CASE STUDY
Guidry-Grimes L, Dean M, Victor EK. (2021. Covert administration of medication in
food: a worthwhile moral gamble?
Journal of Medical Ethics, 47:389-393.
(Available in CANVAS – Course Readings)
Riley is a first-year nursing student at the University. During the second semester,
Riley commences the first professional experience placement in a residential aged
care facility. During the medication administration round, Amy Story (registered
nurse) tells
Riley that the medications for Mr Adelaide are crushed and mixed with
Riley asks “why is that?” RN Story explains that Mr Adelaide does not like
taking medication, so they mix the medication in jam without him knowing.
5. Identify and discuss the most appropriate ethical principle (Autonomy, Beneficence,
non-maleficence, justice) that is related to covert medication administration and
explain in the principle in your own words including the impact breaching this principle
may have on a patient/resident. (300 words). (Reference required)




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