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Internet of Things

Question 1

Define and describe FOUR (4) wastes in the warehouse and related factory operations that the team shall address, in the as-is situation (in the absence of SSWMS). Estimate their impact on sustainability goals. Plan a prioritization matrix to rank these problems/wastes from high to low in priority to address and impact. You are required to provide a table and a description.

Question 2

Design the optimized logical operational workflow of the warehouse to reduce waste. Propose which SDGs can be achieved by addressing the wastes, and map them against the corresponding SDG number. Provide a workflow diagram and a description.

Question 3

Recommend the potential technologies in each of the four stages of the SSWMS. Provide a table and a description.

Type of relevant data to be sensed and how.
Connectivity & communication protocols to transfer the data to the next stages.
Computing infrastructure, and data analytics layer to manage and analyze the data.
Applications to analyze and visualize the data.

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