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Instructors use a tool called a rubric to ensure fairness and consistency in grading. In this discussion, you get to walk a mile in the shoes of your instructor by using a rubric to grade a sample student assignment. Start by reviewing this week’s required reading: How to Read and Understand a Rubric Then, review this rubric to see how the sample assignment should be graded: RUBRIC Finally, review this Sample Student Essay and apply the rubric. In other words, fill out the rubric, using it to assign a grade to this assignment. In your initial post, say what score you would give the essay in each category (For example: “Introduction to Paragraph: Outstanding.”) Then, write a few sentences about the experience of using a rubric. Respond to at least two classmates. Did you choose the same ratings? What might account for the differences in how you rated the essay? What did your classmate notice that you did not, and vice-versa?



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