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1. Overall quality of work presented

Overall quality of work presented Cover page with all relevant information; Table of Contents; logical flow of content; No spelling mistakes and grammatical errors; Tables and figures appropriately numbered and
referred to; Appropriate headings and sub-headings appropriately numbered; sources appropriately cited; Reference list provided (RMIT Harvard / Harvard style).

2. DT Phase 1 – Discovery

Discovery Appropriate choice of tools and usage; Relevant and enough contextual information provided from reputable sources (at least 5 recent
scholarly sources); Ascertained and presented a sufficient understanding of the problem in terms of identified customer/user needs; Problem clearly defined.

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3. DT Phase 2 –Ideation

Followed relevant process with choice of tools that are appropriate to the situation; Appropriate tool usage; Sufficient number and quality of ideas generated; Sound justification for choice of final solution.

4. 4. DT Phase 3 -Experimentation

Appropriate use of compulsory tools and good choice of optional tools and usage; Presentation of MVP on landing page; Design of appropriate scientific experiments and identification of appropriate metrics.

5. Ethical considerations

Ethical considerations Identified possible ethical issues and dilemmas arising from the solution; proposed ways of mitigating them.

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