Initial (concert options) post due by Friday Response posts due by midnight Mond

Initial (concert options) post due by Friday
Response posts due by midnight Mond

Initial (concert options) post due by Friday
Response posts due by midnight Monday
The goal of this forum is to help you prepare for the Concert Review assignment by sharing concert options with your classmates. For your initial post, please submit information on 2 different jazz concerts, or online jazz concert videos that could interest you, which include at least two musicians performing together in the same band. Provide an online link for each concert, as well as information on who’s performing, the date of the event, and the venue.
There are many full-length concerts now available on YouTube and other streaming video services. Be sure that the concert you view is a concert of jazz music, including at least two musicians performing together, and is at least 60 minutes in length.
For this forum, you are required to submit posts on at least two different days, and complete two elements:
1. First, submit your initial post to the forum by Friday, by copying or typing directly into the Reply box, which you’ll find below these instructions (just beneath the rubric table). Be sure to always click the Post Reply button when you’re done.
2. Then submit at least 2 response posts. You’ll find the threaded posts of your classmates by scrolling to the bottom of this page. You can reply to a comment already posted by another student by clicking in the reply field below their post.
If you choose to submit more than 2 response posts, you may receive extra credit.
Netiquette (Internet Etiquette)
You’re always required to treat your classmates with respect and kindness, especially when expressing contrasting viewpoints. Because computer-mediated communication lacks the nuances of face-to-face interation – body language, verbal mannerisms, eye contact – it’s important to exercise caution in the way that you write emails and discussion posts. Before sending an email or post, re-read your text to be sure that it’s clear and on topic. Aggressive behavior and language, especially insults and profanity, will not be tolerated and may result in formal charges (which can include expulsion from the course). Also, avoid irony – these are advanced communication skills that can be difficult to make sense of in text-based communication. Post constructive comments, encourage sharing, AVOID ALL CAPS, and always write in complete sentences.
Forum Rubric
The 10-point Forums provide you with the possibility of earning a maximum of 4 extra credit points. The following rubric will be used to assess your work.

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Response posts due by midnight Mond
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