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Assessment Brief:

The assessment requires students to deliver a written individual case study analysis (1000 words) on Linfox Australia. This assessment provides the opportunity for students to critique and analyse an assigned case study, using relevant metrics and concepts as discussed in class. The case study is will be needed to be presented in class with powerpoint of your summarised case study.


Students will be assessed based on the marking criteria and rubric provided below. The case study must include 3+ peer-reviewed scholarly references.

In the case study, students should follow the case study structure and:

Present the background of the case study (identify the most important facts) such as: Vision, Mission and Strategy.

Identify two critical success factors (CSF) addressing the company.

Identify relevant lag and lead indicators related to the CSF.

Analyse how each indicator would be measured, what information is needed to measure, and how to collect such information.

Analyse limitations of the indicators and suggest strategies to correct eventual weaknesses of failures of such indicators.



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