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In this module, we will begin our tour through the four lenses, beginning with history. As we dive into the four lenses, keep in mind that each lens is framed as a way of seeing the issue and is not necessarily tied to the associated discipline. Thus, looking through the historical lens is not just about History Channel documentaries—it is also about how you use the lens to understand the past and present. -For your initial post, address the following: -As a part of this historical moment, what wellness issue or event do you believe will be considered important to explain current society? Choose a wellness issue or event that is different from your project topic. -How is this issue or event connected to the concept of wellness? -How does reflecting on your issue or event impact your understanding of wellness and current issues/events? MUST BE AT LEAST 2 PARAGRAPHS AND BELOW IS A REFERENCE OR ARTICLE YOU MAY USE OR FIND ANOTHER OUTSIDE SOURCE THAT SUPPORTS YOUR CLAIMS. PLEASE REFERENCE APA FORMAT



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