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Identify a recent change (within the past two years) proposed or made to employment standards legislation. It can be in your province or another Canadian jurisdiction. Find three to five media reports, preferably from different media outlets, covering the proposed/approved amendment and answer the following questions.Note: Be sure to include a copy of or a link to the reports in your assignment submission. You will also need to access the relevant legislation to complete the assignment. Each answer should be approximately 150–300 words.

1. What provisions are being amended? Specify the changes being made/proposed. Include specific section numbers from the legislation if applicable.

2. How will the change affect the rights and protections provided to employees?

3. In the media articles, what did employer and worker representatives say about the change?4. What do the differences in the comments say about the conflicting interests between employers and workers?5. Do you support or oppose the changes? Why or why not?



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