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In preparation for our face-to-face class meeting, I want you to take some time

In preparation for our face-to-face class meeting, I want you to take some time to reflect on your own thoughts about an important topic relevant for this unit. Spend a little time thinking about this prompt: Research shows that young individuals have similar ideal plans for gender divisions of labor in their families but distinctly different “fallback plans” depending on their gender (Wade & Marx Ferree 289). Additionally, despite a move toward equal rights, we see different workplace outcomes by gender, including workplace segregation, pay inequity, fatherhood premiums and motherhood penalties. What societal policies can help equalize both the work and family expectations for you and future generations? Think about what your ideal work and family life looks like in the next 5-10 years and what policies you think could support your ideal. Write a 2-3 paragraph reflection on these questions: “What is your ideal family-work life? Describe ONE policy that could support your ideal future” Your response can be submitted as text or as an attachment, but it need not be a formal essay or well-reasoned response; it should just be your first reactions to the prompt. Include 2 open-ended, discussion questions for the class discussion.


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