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Imagine your career continuing at Bullseye in the Midwest District HR Division. The District HR Director received word that the proposal to add a position for “HRIS Analyst/Administrator” was approved. He has called a meeting because he was impressed by your work analyzing the proposed job and he wants you to help with selecting candidates for this new position.

In particular, the District HR Director wants you to develop a structured interview guide that will be used as part of the selection process for this position. Attached is a file that provides the standard template for structured interview guides at Bullseye. The Director has instructed you to use the information developed last week via the job analysis to guide the content of the interview questions. He also stated that its important that we hire someone who really knows HRIS issues, in particular, someone who understands advantages and disadvantages of on-premise versus cloud computing, mobile access considerations, and security challenges. He also said that headquarters may be pursuing a “Best in Breed” approach to HRIS in the future and wants to gauge how well the candidates would contribute to making that change a success.

The Director is an enthusiast of “reverse-mentoring” and has also asked you to write a brief (1 page) report on the background research you did to develop the structured interview questions (i.e., using chapter 2 of the Johnson, Carlson, and Kavanagh textbook). He has asked that you keep this report brief and mainly describe how you used the chapter to develop the structured interview questions focused on knowledge of HRIS issues (citing page numbers from the text).



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