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Imagine you are a recruiting security executive for a regional security company, and your job is to recruit customers. Your firm specializes in security for malls and shopping centers and is the largest company in the region providing both unarmed and armed security officers. Apply the concepts of rational choice theory and other theories to develop a countertheft program in a commercial or public setting. Create a visually attractive promotional pamphlet explaining those concepts and methods. To demonstrate the existence of a crime issue, use data from UCR, NIBRS, and NCVS (from and Crime in the U.S.) for the area in which you reside. ( The area I reside in is Houston Texas) Research and use security industry information regarding successful programs of a similar type. Consider using crime prevention through environmental design, retail anti-theft devices, inventory control, signage, and surveillance systems. Note that your program will be presented to the CEOs of several organizations within a shopping mall. You will be competing with multiple companies for the contract to provide safety and security to this facility. Your pamphlets will be evaluated on the information provided in terms of conciseness, usefulness of the information presented, visual appeal of the pamphlet, and ease of understanding of the material presented. Use any computer program to create the pamphlet. Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.



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