First – Watch the film and take notes.
What is the subject of the film? (Not more than one paragraph. – The paper should not be a summary of the movie.)
Most of the paper should be based on your reaction to, thoughts, and what stood out to you as historically relevant.
What do you think the movie’s historical message or theme was? Think historically – do not get too lost in the individual characters.
Was the movie successful in showing the theme? Why or why not?
Technical Directions
Four to five pages – 12 font – can be double-spaced in Word format and submitted through the Turnitin feature. (I will provide instructions on the Turnitin feature.)
The Turnitin report should have a maximum of a 10% similarity score.
Cite any quotes – in quotation marks and specifically tell me where you got the quote after your paper. If you are unsure how to cite a passage – separate instructions are given. (If I need to check the quote, the end citation should make it possible to check it quickly.)
I will not require a specific format; you can use first-person wording – for example – “I saw _____.”
Do not cut and paste or use AI (artificial intelligence). For questions on AI and cut-and-paste, see the academic integrity section of your syllabus.
Notes on Artificial Intelligence. Be careful what editors you use; some use AI, which Turn It In will flag. (Check before you use them.) Do not use translators; most now use AI.
Be sure to leave time to view your Similarity Report on Turn It In
This should be your writing, not a bunch of quotes put together.
See the other guides and links for guidance and help.
Directions in PDF Form