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How does your daily intake compare to the recommendation? (please analyze both the macro- and micro-nutrients) What do you think you could improve on your daily diet? How realistic do you th

Upon reading this scenario you will describe what type of assistance you will require in order to manage your weightlifting class; additional assistance (supervision) you may need, how will you engage your students; and any additional information you would like to provide. You may also want to think about the student teaching ratio; possible injury; inappropriate behavior; etc. Scenario Mr. Hamilton teaches 5 PE (Physical Education) classes with over 40+ students in each class. His challenge class is the weightlifting class with 42 students and three students from the self-contained EBD (Emotionally Behavioral Deficiency) class where students are only allowed to attend one PE class which happens to be the weightlifting class. All three students are prone to violent outbursts and threats to the teacher and other students. One was suspended for 45 days and sent to an alternative school program for punching another student in the face because he looked at him funny.
Please use critical and creative thinking as to how your would approach and perform if you were Mr. or Mrs. Hamilton. Provide as much detail as possible.


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