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Question 1
You are the Head of the Tengah Airbase Operation Command Centre. Due to a re-organisation, The airbase commander nominated you to be in charge of a project team to develop and evaluate a new command centre. With your experience working in the Operation Command Centre, you are tasked to 1) develop and evaluate the human-centred design command centre, and 2) propose a plan to implement Crew Resource Management (CRM) at the Airbase to study how the Tengah Airbase can enhance team performance and dynamics to respond to air threats in this region. In the proposal paper, you should cover the following:
(a) Identify and briefly describe THREE (3) possible human factors issues in the command centre.

(b) Explain THREE (3) relevant human factors methods that can be used to evaluate the command centre and briefly describe each of them.

(c) Examine the need for Crew Resource Management (CRM), including its purpose, components, communication, training, and benefits to address the human factors challenges in the new command centre.

(d) Using the CRM programme, provide a proposal on the implementation plan and an assessment of its effectiveness.

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Question 2
Early this year, you have been promoted to Deputy Director, Policy and Safety Department in the Singapore Police Force (SPF). Each of the three law enforcement departments, namely Police Coast Guard, Special Operation Command, and Security Command, has its own Safety Management System (SMS). The Deputy Commissioner (Operation) has tasked you to conduct a study in assessing the effectiveness of a consolidated Safety Management System for the three law enforcement departments. You are expected to submit a study report to present the pros and cons, and recommendations for the Deputy Commissioner (Operation)’s consideration. The content of the paper should include the following:
(a) Discuss the basic elements of the SMS process.

(b) Describe a consolidated SMS for the three law enforcement departments.

(c) Propose recommendations based on the pros and cons of a consolidated SMS for the law enforcement departments.

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